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Spay & Neuter Surgery at Our Animal Hospital in Cary

When you think of preventative care for your pet, you probably imagine wellness exams, vaccinations, and other common, important procedures -- but another, equally important preventative procedure, spay and neuter surgery, might not spring to mind quite so quickly. This category of pet surgery is certainly preventative in the sense of preventing pregnancy, but it can also help prevent diseases and hazardous behaviors from endangering your pet's health. That's why we're proud to offer spay and neuter surgery here at our animal hospital in Cary.


How This Preventative Pet Surgery Can Protect Your Animal's Health

Neutering involves a procedure called castration in which the testes of the male animal are removed through an incision in front of the scrotum, while spaying, or ovariohysterectomy, involves the removal of the female reproductive organs through an abdominal incision. Either variety of this form of pet surgery can help prevent conception and pregnancy -- a critical consideration in itself, when you consider how many puppies and kittens go through hardships each year due to pet overpopulation. But your pet will also experience such major wellness benefits as:

  • Reproductive cancer elimination - Where there are no reproductive organs, there can be no reproductive organ cancer. Spay and neuter surgery lowers your pet's lifetime risk of testicular, ovarian or uterine cancer to zero. Your pet will also enjoy reduced risk of prostate disease or breast cancer.

  • Behavioral modification - Sexual urges drive pets to extreme behaviors such as nighttime roaming and bouts of aggression. This can put them in harm's way by exposing them to fights and accidents. By removing the source of these hormonal issues, your pet's life will be happier and safer one.

We Make Spay and Neuter Surgery Easier

There's no better place than Chatham Animal Hospital to have your pet spayed or neutered. Dr. Krakowski offers laser surgery as an option for such procedures. The use of a laser instead of a scalpel allows for less bleeding, less post-operative discomfort, and faster healing. Even traditional spay or neuter surgeries are relatively simple outpatient procedures. We recommend having your pet spayed or neutered well before puberty (and as young as 8 weeks of age), to ensure the maximum health and wellness benefits of this procedure.

Once your pet's surgery is complete, we may prescribe a cervical cone to prevent any licking or biting at the incision site. We will also tell you everything you need to know about administering any medications and monitoring your pet's recuperation.

Call Us Today to Schedule Spay & Neuter Surgery in Cary!

Now that you know how important it is to spay or neuter your pet, preferably at an early age, take action sooner rather than later to make sure this important preventative pet surgery takes place. Call us today at (919) 469-8114 to schedule spay & neuter surgery in Cary for your best friend!