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PeTopics: Trick or Treat! Tips to help you enjoy a fun and safe Halloween night with your pet!

October 31, 2015 

PeTopics: from the Veterinarians at Chatham Animal Hospital
David Krakowski DVM
Matt Bailey DVM
Morgan Craddock DVM
Halloween dangers for your pets!
1) Candy! Most pet owners understand the dangers of chocolate, but there are several other dangerous possibilities if your pet eats some of the Halloween candy. Xylitol (a sugar free sweetener) can cause major problems if ingested. A large number of sugar free candies (as well as gums) contain this product.  Avoid having these products near your pets, and if any is ingested please seek veterinary care immediately. The wrapping/packaging of candy can also cause issues if ingested.  Sometimes it may just cause some mild stomach irritation, however if enough is ingested it can cause intestinal blockage which is an immediate emergency situation. The moral of the story is be careful with the Halloween candy around your pets, and call as soon as possible if any is ingested!
2) Keep your pets confined during Halloween! The door bell will be constantly ringing and the door will be opened and closed several times. Don’t let your pets escape or hurt themselves! Dogs and cats can also become very anxious with the doorbell ringing several times, so often it is best to great your trick-or-treaters outside.
3) Be careful with candles! It isn’t uncommon to get a few charred whiskers this time of year!  Our pets are often curious and can burn themselves or knock the pumpkin over and start a fire. Battery powered candles are safest!
4) Costumes! We all love costumes, however we always need to make sure they are safe choices.  Never leave your pet unsupervised while wearing the costume, and make sure they aren’t able to chew off pieces and ingest them. It also helps to try it on before Halloween night to make sure it won’t cause any issues while outside on the big night.

Please call our Cary veterinarian Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey,
or Dr. Craddock at Chatham Animal Hospital today at
(919) 469-8114 if you would like to discuss this further!


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