*Important COVID 19 Procedural Update*

In order to increase efficiency and safety for everyone, especially our four legged friends, we have made a tweak to our processes during these difficult times. All visitors should pull up to our front entrance, call 919-469-8114 (our regular number) and let the receptionist know you are here and what car you are in. If cars are ahead of you, please just pull up as each car moves away from the entrance to park or leave the premises. It is important that you stay IN your vehicle WITH your companion. An assistant will come out with a slip lead to add security to the leash and collar you already have in place. Either the assistant or you will place the slip lead over the head. This and the transfer may take some ingenuity depending on the individual dog. Do not open your door or hatch until your dog is secured. Hold onto both leashes securely and be ready to hand them over to the assistant through a slightly opened door that is still held almost closed in a secure manner. Both leashes will be used to escort your dog out of your car and into the building. Please DO NOT open a door or hatch until your pet is secured in this manner. Our Feline friends should be in a sturdy carrier that has been checked and verified to have its fasteners tight and a closed and securely latched door. We are instituting these procedures out of an abundance of caution in the hope that none of us will have to undergo the terror of a runaway pet. It can happen in a moment and almost always when guards are let down because of confidence that a particular pet will not become excited or frightened or just extremely curious about the goings on nearby. We appreciate your co operation in keeping everyone safe.


The Chatham Animal Hospital Team

Our current business hours are  8:00 am to 5:30 on Monday-Friday, as well as 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday.


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