Online Forms

For your convenience our forms can be electronically filled out or printed and brought in so that you have a minimal check in time on the day of your visit.

To send your forms electronically: 

  1. Select the form(s) that you will be filling out. (the form will open up in a new tab)
  2. Fill out the form(s). 
  3. After you have completed the form(s), save the document to your computer. (to do this, right click and select Save as...)
  4. Save the form(s) onto your desktop or wherever you prefer. 
  5. After you have saved your forms, fill out your name and pets name below. 
  6. Choose the files that you have saved on your computer. (you will need to select open after selecting the form)
  7. Once you have chosen the file(s)/form(s), click submit. 

New Client Welcome Form - Information Needed for your First Visit

Hospital Drop Off Admission Form- For Patients Who Are Dropped Off For Medical Issues

Surgery Consent Form - For Patients Coming in for Surgical and/or Dental Procedures

Boarding Admission Form- For our Guests Staying Overnight

Client Information Update - We Strive To Remain As Current As Possible To Get You The Most Up To Date Information About Your Pet’s Health As Soon As We Have It. 

CAH Release Records #1 - For Patients Who Want Their Records Released FROM Chatham Animal Hospital TO Another Facility

CAH Release Records #2 -  For Patients Who Need Their Records Transferred TO Chatham Animal FROM Another Facility

Submit Your Forms Online!


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