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Applying a stretch bandage to a leg

Home Dental Care

Applying Ear Medication

Quick Tips for Trimming Your Dog's Nails!

Dr. K demonstrates some quick tips for trimming your dog's nails!

Shoo Mites!

Chunks was having a little trouble with some ear mites. After some TLC from Dr. K and some of the staff at CAH, he's all better now!

New Puppy Training Primer!

Dr. K takes you step by step through the positions of protocol, and a mini physical exam with the help of Ollie! By practicing these positions and procedures with your canine companion, you can create a stronger bond with them, while at the same time encouraging good behavior.

How To Make Your Own Cat Toy!

Cat toys can be expensive and flimsy, so Dr. K came up with a simple, cheap, and durable alternative! In this PeTopics video, we teach you how to make your very own cat toy!

How to Wash Your Dog’s Ears Properly!

This Petopics video is all about washing your dog’s ears! Dr. K shows you how to properly wash your canine companion’s ears, and why it is essential for preventing and treating ear infections.

How to Apply Eye Medication to Your Pet

Dr. K shows you some helpful techniques when applying eye medication. These same techniques can be used on cats as well!

Dental Care Tips!

Dr. K shows you how to properly clean your canine companion’s teeth, and maintain their oral health over time!


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