I cannot say enough about Dr. K and the whole team at Chatham Animal Hospital! I became a client during COVID-19 so! haven't even seen the inside of the building since all appointments are currently curbside pick up only. I am a first-time kitten owner so it would normally make me nervous to not be able to go inside with my pet during his appointment. In reality, I am at complete ease every time I come to Chatham Animal Hospital because their quality of care exceeds my expectations. During my first visit, Dr. K came outside to my car and answered all of my questions about Potato, my kitten. I probably kept him for 45 minutes but he was so patient with me and was extremely knowledgeable! He also provided me with a binder of information to take home and review. Not only is Dr. K great, but his team of vet techs and front desk staff are the absolute best. Every time I call to make an appointment, they remember Potato and tell me how excited they are to have him in clinic again (normally I'd think a vet staff would do this to every client, but they'll bring up personal details so it's clear they remember him/me well!). This personalization makes me feel very cared for as a client. Half the time I swear Potato comes back calmer than when I dropped him off, that's how good they are with him! It is also made very clear what I can expect at each appointment (care and cost-wise) both while scheduling and the day of each visit. Communication with the office is clean and easy, despite the complications brought on by COVID. I also love receiving my receipts via email so that I can save them for future reference. I recommended Chatham Animal Hospital to a friend and she has had great experiences here as well. I cannot say enough good things about Chatham Animal Hospital. Thank you for making me (and my furry friend!) feel like a valued customer!!

-Rebecca S.

I would not take our cats anywhere else.

-Mark S.

Such an incredible place! The facility is clean. The entire staff is professional, kind, and willing to go out of their way to help my pups! My husband and I completely trust their treatments, professional advice, and care.

-Ahnna B.

Wouldn't go to anyone else! All of the staff are amazing but our go to is Dr. Morgan Craddock. She is absolutely awesome and truly cares about the pets! Never over charge, extremely reasonable, responsive, and always work through the best treatment for the pet, not for their pockets. We love Chatham, Dr. Craddock, and the rest of the staff!

-Olivia F.

Once again....I want to thank Dr. Matthew Bailey and his staff for taking such good care oh Dholi for her second surgical procedure ( for different things). Always happy and friendly knowledgeable and professional. We switched to Chatham on the suggestion of my sister in law. I cannot say enough what a great change it was for us and our girls. We will continue to be clients. Thanks so much.

-Deanna D.

We've always been very pleased with their service. We had to put our lab down last year with them and they were very sweet through the process.

-S Myers

The doctor took her time and was very attentive to our sweet pups

-Steve M.

I highly recommend Chatham Animal Hospital, great caring team. Dr. Bailey is kind and compassionate - exactly what you want in your vet. I recently moved out of NC and was very sad to leave this group. They were always very welcoming to my girl Lily.

-Jeannette B.

Incredibly thorough and caring clinic. 

I've been taking my pets here since I moved to NC 9 years ago. When my cat became sick, Dr. Bailey and Dr. K did everything in their power (multiple times) to help her and try to make her and myself more comfortable. 

I had moved slightly further away from CAH a few years ago and decided to try the vet hospital across the street when I got my dog, Goose, but everything in my experience there led me to realize how unique of a place Chatham is. 

Every time I call or come in I am welcomed with enthusiasm and warmth. I know they have a lot of patients, and the fact that they remember me and my dog simply by the sound of my voice on the phone is pretty profound. Not to mention the quality of care is incredible. We mostly see Dr. Bailey, and it's apparent he is a true animal lover. He is thorough, thoughtful, and my dog absolutely loves him. In fact, my dog actually loves going to this clinic. Couldn't ask for more. 

This place is the best.

-Autumn B.

Thank you to Dr. Bailey and staff for staying late last night to take care of Lincoln. You could have sent me to an after hours clinic, but made your long day even longer for us. Thanks, y’all are the best.

-Lorie D.

After all the chaos my dog Betsy caused yesterday, Dr Bailey and his staff guaranteed my loyalty yesterday! He handled her so professionally and gave plenty of options to ensure their safety and Betsy’s. Thank you for the professionalism and making me feel comfortable with your care, Dr Bailey!

-Jessi J.

My parents' dog has seen Dr. K for 16 years. Now I have two dogs of my own and Dr. Bailey takes great care of them. I had to board Max and Natty( and Roxy, my parents dog) every weekend for (at least) a month due to family emergencies. To be able to leave our furry family members with people that give them so much love and care is an unthinkable blessing. We are so thankful for Dr.K, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Craddock, Christopher, Nicki and all the staff at Chatham Animal Hospital that invest so much time into keeping our pups happy and healthy!

-Kate F.

I’m very happy with Chatham Animal Hospital. The care given to pets is wonderful. Dr. Craddock has been taking care of my little dog for the last couple of years and I couldn't be happier. They truly care about their furry patients, even making follow up phone calls to see how the pet is doing. I’m even considering taking my very large, very grumpy cat in for a check up. I think they’ll be able to handle him.

-Lisa M.

We haven’t been in the area long, but we couldn’t be happier with the care our two dogs have received at this office. Dr. K is very thorough and caring and I have never felt rushed or that I didn’t have time to ask questions. The office staff are very helpful and understanding as well. Communication is always very good. We recently had a senior dog that had to be euthanized. It was a difficult situation and difficult decision to make, but Dr. K helped us to come to terms with the situation. Highly, highly recommended!

-Abbey S.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this animal hospital. The clinic is super clean and I have never had to wait to be taken into a room. They always see me right away even if it is before my actual appointment time. Dr. Bailey is amazing, kind, and really knows what he is talking about. He is so loving towards my dog Sadie and makes her feel at ease during her examinations. I wish I could give this place even more than 5 stars because they truly deserve it!!!

-Hayley G.

I would highly recommend both Dr. Matthew Bailey and Dr. Morgan Craddock. I met Morgan through my job 2 years ago and moved our pets to this clinic because I liked her so much. We have continued to take our pets to Chatham even though I no longer work nearby (and live almost 30 minutes away). We recently lost our 17 year old cat, Stanley. Not only were they very supportive and caring during this difficult time, but they also sent flowers upon his passing. I was floored! Especially since they were not involved (we used Lap of Love). Both Dr. Bailey and Dr. Craddock are not only great veterinarians, but they are truly compassionate and considerate people.

-Ashlea B.

Very friendly vets and staff, clean facility. Seem to really care and have a vested interest in the pets they care for. My dog is still excited to go in everytime and see everyone. Never feel pressured for extra services or anything. On more than one occasion they have even not charged me for added services that they wanted to perform on the assumption they would be negative but wanted to confirm. Highly recommend.

-Michelle C.

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