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At Chatham Animal Hospital, we're proud of our role in the community of Cary. As a one-stop clinic for all your pet's needs, we're able to be your pet's medical care provider from birth through old age. We provide the following services to pets of the area:

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Our Cary Veterinary Services

●      Pet Dental. Our pet dental services help keep pets teeth clean. From dental examinations to cleanings and extractions, we can ensure that your pet has proper oral hygiene. Not only will your pet be more comfortable, but this will  improve your pet's breath, which will make  those up close and personal interactions much more pleasant.

●      Vaccines. Vaccines help keep pets safe from common illnesses and diseases. Vaccines need to be administered to pets on a regular basis. We help pet owners by monitoring their pet's vaccination schedule and reminding them when vaccines are due.

●      Wellness Check-ups. Wellness checkups help us monitor the health and well-being of our pet patients. Wellness checkups help us catch medical conditions early, so your pet can get treatment in a timely manner.

●      Pet boarding. Many pet owners want to know that their pets are well cared for when they leave town. When you board your pet at Chatham Animal Hospital, you know that your pet will be in good hands and on site with a veterinary professional, in case your pet has a medical emergency while you're away.

●      Video Otoscopy. Many pets get ear diseases in lifetime. Our video otoscopy services help us identify the causes of painful ear conditions. Once your pet is diagnosed, we can more effectively treat his or her condition.

●      Medical Laser Therapy.  Therapeutic use of our Class IV Companion Animal medical laser unit can be used as an effective adjunct or even stand alone therapy to assist in the control of painful conditions such as osteoarthritis .  It is also useful post-operatively to decrease pain associated with surgical procedures.

●      X-Ray and Ultrasound. When your pet is ill or injured, getting a proper diagnosis is one of our top priorities. X-ray and ultrasound services are important for diagnosing conditions like broken bones, cancers and more.

●      Pet Surgery. Whether your pet needs a standard surgical procedure like spaying or neutering, or needs emergency surgery due to injury, our Cary veterinarian is here to help.

●      Pet Pharmacy. We provide pet pharmacy services both at our hospital and online (VetsFirstChoice) providing convenient access to needed medications. Our online prices are checked against competitors monthly to provide the most cost effective options for our clients.

●      General Medicine. Our general medicine services are designed to meet all your pet's needs, to help your pet maintain good health throughout his or her lifetime.

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As your veterinarian in Cary, Chatham Animal Hospital is here for your pet's medical needs. Contact us today at (919) 469-8114. Our happy and courteous staff will be happy to make an appointment for your pet.


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