Magnified Video Imaging

Magnified Video Imaging

Ear disease is the cause of mild to extreme discomfort in many of our canine and feline patients. Getting to the crux of this problem may require more than ear cleaning and drops! The video-otoscope allows access to the ear canals and the ear drum in a way not possible with conventional diagnostic instrumentation.

Removal of debris deep in the ear canal that defies routine cleaning methods is made possible. In addition, visualization of the integrity of the ear drum and access to the middle ear is achieved.  It is estimated that 60% or more of companion animals with ear disease have a ruptured ear drum. This allows infection from the external ear to extend to the middle ear. Middle ear infections that continually re-contaminate the external ear canal are commonly the cause of recurrent red, uncomfortable, and odoriferous ears, as well as the low grade, long term discomfort manifested by excessive wax production and a musty odor.

Does your pet lean in and moan as if to say “that feels so good” when you scratch its ears? This too is often a sign of a chronic ear infection and means that the pet is experiencing a constant discomfort that is frequently misinterpreted as “sensitive ears” or “loving to have his or her ears rubbed.” Many unsuspected ear problems are discovered, during routine physical examinations, but no matter how they are discovered, timely and complete assessment with appropriate treatment is essential in managing ear disease in our dogs and cats. The video-otoscope is an invaluable tool in the management of this painful condition.


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