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Exceptional Pet Boarding in Cary

Leaving your pet behind when you go away on vacation or for business is never easy. When you leave your pet with the best pet boarding in Cary at Chatham Animal Hospital, you can relax knowing all pets get safe and loving care. Not only do we offer the best cat and dog boarding care and accommodations, our Cary veterinarian is right here to provide medical support for your pet if needed.

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Why Board Your Pet?

The question many owners ask is, why not leave my pet with a trusted friend or family member?  Leaving your pet in a home while you’re away is certainly appealing, but despite all good intentions, friends and family have their own lives, and your cat or dog will probably not get the attention he or she deserves. At a good boarding facility, your pet will get that individualized attention.

Why Chatham Animal Hospital for Cary Pet Boarding?

The answer to this is simple: your pet is #1! Each and every pet who boards with us is treated as an individual. We pay attention to their unique needs and personalities, and happily accommodate little idiosyncrasies. In addition, our Cary veterinarian is right here on premise to administer medications, deal with chronic conditions, and handle any emergencies. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

What Should a Boarding Facility Look Like?

Whether you’re at our Cary pet boarding facility, or somewhere else, each one should maintain strict standards for safety and general well-being including:

  • Cleanliness in all areas

  • No unpleasant odors

  • Friendly and welcoming staff

  • Relaxed and happy pet boarders

  • Formal exercise plans

  • Finally: Any reservations about leaving your pet there?

If you’re already our patients, you know how we operate; if you’re new to us, we guarantee you will find our cat and dog boarding facilities meet all of these criteria, and more.

For Older and Younger Pets

When pets are in their golden years, it’s even harder leaving them behind, but often it can’t be helped. Our extraordinary staff has ample experience in caring for older pets with compassion and skill. We also have the expertise to handle and work with the younger set.

Dropping Off Your Pet in Cary

This is the hard part and surely you’ll want to linger with your good-byes, but the faster and more positive the parting, the better for everyone. Before you go, make sure you tell us about your pet’s behaviors and habits, as well as how your pet gets along with unfamiliar people and animals or if he or she has any fears such as of loud noises.

Making Reservations at Chatham Animal Hospital

As one of the most popular Cary pet boarding facilities, we recommend you make reservations well before your scheduled departure. This is especially true for holiday pet boarding when we fill up fast.

Now that we’ve told you a bit about pet boarding in Cary, we invite you to come on in and see our facilities for yourself or call us to schedule time for a visit at Chatham Animal Hospital today! 


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