Pet Boarding FAQ

Pet Boarding FAQ: Answers From Your Cary Veterinarian

It's not always possible to bring your pet along on vacations and holidays. When you've got to leave your pet behind, the safest and most comfortable alternative is to bring your dog or cat to our kennel at Chatham Animal Hospital. If you've never boarded your pet with us, you'll naturally have lots of questions. Here are some of the most common ones we hear:pet boarding faq from your veterinarian in cary

Why Pet Boarding in Cary Instead of With a Friend?

Your first instinct may be to leave your pet with a family friend, but that's usually not the best answer. Friends and relatives mean well, but they have their own lives and rarely can take the time to make your pet a priority. When pet boarding in Cary, your dog or cat will enjoy our special attention, with an attentive group of pet lovers who will treat your furry family member like one of their own.

How Do I Know a Boarding Facility is the Right One?

It's always a good idea to tour a boarding facility before leaving your dog or cat there for an extended stay. While you're there, look for cleanliness and lack of odors, speak with the staff and watch them interact with the animals there, look for exercise and play schedules and examine the animals already being boarded. You'll get a good idea of whether you want to leave your pet there.

Will a Veterinarian in Cary Be There?

Our boarding facilities are part of our animal hospital, so our entire veterinary staff will be available during normal business hours. During off hours, a veterinarian in Cary will always be on call in case of medical emergencies. You don't have to worry about your pet's safety when it stays with us.

What Should I Bring for Cary Pet Boarding?

Like any other boarding facility in the state, our Cary pet boarding facility requires that your pet is up-to-date on its immunizations before being boarded, including a bordetella, or a kennel cough, vaccine. In addition, if your pet is on a special diet, bring enough food to last the entire time your pet is staying with us. A special blanket or toy that's washable is also a good idea to help your pet become comfortable staying with us.

Is My Pet Too Old or Young for Boarding?

While our usual guest is an adult age dog or cat, we're very experienced in dealing with senior pets. We know how much more difficult it is to leave your older pets with us and will care for your dog or cat with compassion and kindness. We also welcome the fun and energy of younger pets and are well equipped for them staying with us, as well.

Call Chatham Animal Hospital Today!

Leaving your dog or cat at a boarding facility can be difficult for both you and the pet, but our caring and compassionate staff makes it as easy as possible at Chatham Animal Hospital. You're welcome to tour our facilities at any time. Call for an appointment at 919-446-4390.


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