Pet Surgery

Why Does Your Pet Need Surgery?

Your pet could need surgery for a few reasons. The procedure might be routine, like spaying and neutering, or it could be necessary for an emergency. If your pet needs emergency care, it’s time to bring them to our vet office in Cary, NC

Cat getting prepped for surgery.

Common Pet Emergencies

Pet emergencies that require surgery include being hit by a vehicle or involved in a similar type of accident. With this type of accident, your pet may have internal injuries or broken bones that will need to be fixed by surgery. Another accident that could cause similar types of injuries and require surgery is an animal attack.

Many times when a dog experiences bloat and their stomach is filling up with gas and fluid, it can be a serious condition that requires immediate surgery. Other times, pets need surgery is if there is a mass that forms. The mass could be cancerous or benign, but it should be removed with surgery. If a pet swallows a foreign object, their digestive system could become blocked and they would need to have surgery in order to remove the object. If your pet is delivering kittens or puppies and they are having trouble, they may require a cesarean.

Why Anesthesia Is Needed for Your Pet at Chatham Animal Clinic

Your pet may require anesthesia at Chatham Animal Clinic during surgery because it prevents them from being in pain and they won’t move during the procedure. Making sure your pet doesn’t move during surgery is important because it can lead to complications otherwise. With a well-trained veterinarian in Cary NC, the anesthesia risk will be minimized. For emergency surgery, usually, the risks of anesthesia are smaller compared to the procedure that is needed.

Care for Your Pet after Surgery

Caring for your pet after surgery will depend on the pet’s age and condition, as well as the surgery your pet had. Your pet will likely be tired after surgery for the next 12-24 hours, so it’s important to let them rest. Because surgery can be invasive, even if it’s small, confining them will allow them to rest and limit their level of activity. If your pet moves too much after surgery, it’s possible the wounds won’t heal properly.

The amount of activity you will have to limit will depend on the surgery your pet had, so ask your veterinarian in Cary NC. When confining your pet, keep them comfortable with bedding or blankets. The enclosure should be big enough so your pet can move around in a circle. Spending time with your pet to keep them comfortable will also help. Making sure you are giving your pet their prescribed medications will help them rest. You should not have to do anything with the incision, but make sure it’s healing properly and watch for signs of infection. Your veterinarian will tell you what to watch out for when it comes to swelling or bruising following the procedure.

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