Pet Wellness Exam FAQ

Frequently Asked Pet Wellness Exam Questions From Your Cary Veterinarian 

You may understand the reasons for taking your pet to your Cary veterinarian when illness or injury strikes -- but preventative wellness exams are at least as important for ensuring your best friend's well being in the long term. Even so, you may be unfamiliar with this type of veterinary care, especially if you're new to the world of pet ownership. Here are the answers to some frequently asked pet wellness exam questions from our three-veterinarian team at Chatham Animal Hospital.frequently asked pet wellness exam questions from your cary veterinarian

Why does a healthy pet need an exam? A pet who looks perfectly healthy to all observers may actually be harboring a subtle or early-stage medical issue. Heartworm infestation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other ailments may lurk for quite a while before displaying symptoms, by which time they may have reached a serious stage. A pet wellness exam allows us to catch and treat those issues.

What's involved in a typical pet wellness exam? A typical wellness exam includes external inspection (skin, eyes, ears, coat, etc.), vital sign readings, and lab tests of fecal, urine and blood samples. We also note your pet's weight, stance, gait, and demeanor/behavior. Dental and oral examinations are commonly performed as part of the exam.

What are the lab tests looking for? Fecal testing can reveal the presence of internal parasites such as worms, while urine testing can alert us to systemic ailments such as diabetes, liver disease, bladder abnormalities and other disorders. Blood testing can provide a wealth of information, from cholesterol numbers and organ function to red cell and white cell count.

Why do you weigh my pet? We need to know whether your pet is maintaining a normal weight range to help guard against obesity, a serious problem that can open the door to many health crises. Unusual weight gain or loss may also indicate a specific health problem.

What will my Cary veterinarian ask me about during the per wellness exam? Your Cary veterinarian will ask you about any changes in your pet's behavior, activity level, appetite and other factors. We will also answer any questions or concerns you may want to bring to us.

How often should my pet have a wellness exam? That depends on your pet's age and current health. Adult animals should receive one wellness exam per year unless they're being treated for a health condition, in which case they may need more frequent monitoring. Senior pets should have two wellness exams per year due to their elevated risks for various health problems.

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Now that you have a firmer grip on the basic components and benefits of a pet wellness exam, it's to get the rest of the details and schedule this valuable procedure for your own beloved companion. Call Chatham Animal Hospital at (919) 469-8114 learn more about our pet wellness exams and set up an appoint with your veterinarian in Cary!


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