Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Cary, NC

Typically, senior pets need more care and attention than younger pets. Their changing bodies can leave them more vulnerable to injuries, diseases and chronic medical conditions. As your senior pet ages, these problems can lead to decreased quality of life, poor hearing and eyesight, and reduced immune function. This means taking proper care of your senior pet can be a challenge, but our Cary veterinarians are here to help. At Chatham Animal Hospital, we help senior pets through these challenging years.

Boston Terrier after seeing a Cary Veterinarian

What You Can Do for Your Senior Pet

Your senior pet will need extra help to maintain good quality of life! Here are a few ways that your pet will need extra TLC:

  • Special accommodations - Many older pets develop joint problems and pain. This can prevent your senior pet from comfortably doing many once routine activities. For example, pets who once could jump into and out of bed easily may now need extra help. You can help your pet by making special accommodations that will enable your pet to move about your home independently. Talk to your pet's veterinarian for suggestions and advice that will help you make life easier for your pet.

  • Special diet - Often older pets eat in smaller portions and consume less protein than younger pets. You can help your pet by changing to a food formulated for older animals. At Chatham Animal Hospital, we can help you pick out the right food for your animal companion.

  • Change in exercise - Older pets need to maintain an exercise regimen in order avoid loss of muscle mass and to stay healthy. Your pet's veterinarian at Chatham Animal Hospital will help you determine how much exercise is enough.

Special Care for Senior Pets at Chatham Animal Hospital

At Chatham Animal Hospital, we provide medical treatments for older pets. We recommend that your older pet see the veterinarian once every six months. These wellness checkups will help your pet stay healthy and will enable us to catch medical problems in their early stages. In addition to six-month senior pet exams, we provide the following medical services for senior pets:

  • Senior pet dentistry - Older pets may be at risk for dental problems like gum disease, cavities, tooth infections and more. Our senior pet dentistry services will help you take care of your pet's teeth.

  • Vaccinations - Pet vaccinations can help your senior pet avoid common illnesses and medical conditions.

  • Grooming - Joint problems and muscle stiffness can make it difficult for older pets to groom themselves. Our grooming services will help your senior pet stay clean, comfortable and hygienic despite these challenges.

Contact Your Cary Veterinarian

At Chatham Animal Hospital, we're proud to be your pet's veterinarian in Cary. We can provide senior pet exams, vaccinations and grooming to senior pets. In addition, we can give advice to senior pet owners, so you'll know how to take care of your senior pet. To make an appointment, contact us today!


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