Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spaying & Neutering at Your Veterinarian in Cary, NC

Spaying or neutering your pet is an important part of their health and can provide a number of benefits.

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What is Spay and Neuter?

Spaying is a term that is used to describe a hysterectomy of a female animal and neutering is a term used to describe the castration of a male animal. Both of these procedures make it so the animal is no longer able to reproduce.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

There are many benefits of spaying and neutering your pet at a veterinarian in Cary NC as well as benefits for the overall animal community.

When you pet is spayed or neutered it dramatically reduces its risk of reproductive cancers and infections. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer in female animals. When a dog is diagnosed with breast cancer it has a 50 percent chance of living, and when a cat is diagnosed with the disease there is sadly only a 10 percent chance of survival. There are also hormonal changes that benefit the animal. When your animal goes into heat it can experience agitation and frustration, which will not happen.

There is also a need to want to mark their territory, which would include spraying urine outside or on various items, like your furniture. During this time period animals can get aggressive, which would make them a danger to humans or other animals. If your animal gets into a fight it can be seriously injured, which would require treatment and money. During this time many animals feel the need to escape from the home to search for a mate, which can cause a number of problems. You will also save money on getting your pet spayed/neutered since it’s much cheaper than having to care for a litter of kittens or puppies.

Besides just the benefit to your pet directly, this is good for the animal community in general. Many families are not able to care for multiple pets if their pet has puppies or kittens. These animals then end up in animal shelters and require food, shelter, vaccinations and more that put a drain on resources. As a result, many end up euthanized.

When Is The Right Time To Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Many get their dogs spayed/neutered at six to nine months old, but a puppy can have the procedure at 8 weeks as long as they are healthy. Older dogs can also be neutered but there is a slight chance of post-surgery complications.

For cats, it’s safe to get them spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks old. Many kittens are spayed in the shelter prior to adoption and it’s best to get the procedure done before the cat reaches five months. If they are already in heat it can still be done.

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