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Welcome to Chatham Animal Hospital

Your Veterinarians in Cary, NC
Call us at (919) 469-8114

At Chatham Animal Hospital in Cary, NC, we provide the highest quality veterinary care to the pets in our community and strive to educate pet owners about the benefits of consistent veterinary care. Taking your pet to the veterinarian on a regular basis can help them live longer, happier, healthier lives!

We offer the following services to pets:

Pet Dental Care - Without regular dental cleanings, dogs and cats are prone to bad breath caused by excessive bacterial overgrowth and tartar accumulation. Getting your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly not only helps treat bad breath, it also prevents discomfort from infection and tooth loss caused by gingival and periodontal disease. The veterinarians at Chatham Animal Hospital, your veterinarians in Cary, NC, can help ensure that your pet's teeth are properly cleaned and cared for, improving their oral hygiene and overall comfort.

Better breath will make all those kisses a much more pleasant experience!

VaccinationsVaccinations can help your pet avoid common illnesses and diseases. In fact, vaccines are important for general public health and safety. At Chatham Animal Hospital our veterinarians keep track of your pet's vaccination schedule ensuring they get boosters and vaccinations when they are due. Leave the stress of keeping up with your pet’s schedule to us so you can focus on spending quality time with them! Should you ever need access to your pet’s vaccination history, please visit your Pet Portal or give your Cary, NC veterinarian a call at 919-469-8114.

Wellness Exams - Regular wellness exams are vital to maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness and are recommended for pets of all ages. At Chatham Animal Hospital our veterinarians perform comprehensive examination of your pet's coat, eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, heart, lungs and more. With Chatham Animal Hospital’s state of the art lab our Cary veterinarians can analyze your pet’s stool and blood to help diagnose illnesses or specific concerns you may have. 

X-Rays - Our X-Ray and diagnostic imaging services help us determine if your pet is injured or ill. If your pet is having a medical emergency or simply not feeling well, your veterinarians at Chatham Animal Hospital in Cary NC have access to the latest, state of the art technology to help make a diagnosis and find the source of your pet's problem

SurgeryThe Veterinarians at Chatham Animal Hospital in Cary, NC have extensive surgical experience with expertise in many different surgical fields!

Emergency Services - Your veterinarians at Chatham Animal Hospital in Cary NC are available during normal business hours for emergent issues. Our services include diagnosis, surgical treatment and supportive care depending on the needs of your pet. Whether they have ingested a toxin, been injured by an automobile or been in an altercation with another animal, we're here to help. If you have an emergency outside of our normal business hours you can call our office at 919-469-8114 to be connected to our after-hours emergency service at Quartet Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital located at 6910 Carpenter Fire Station Rd. Cary, NC. You can also call Quartet directly at 919-454-1001

Boarding - Here at Chatham Animal Hospital in Cary, NC our secure boarding facility provides pets with safe, comfortable accommodations while their owners are away.  

Contact Chatham Animal Hospital, Your Premier Veterinary Hospital in Cary. 

For your pet’s veterinary needs, contact Chatham Animal Hospital of Cary today. We are happy to help you get your pet the quality care they deserve. To make an appointment or request more information, give us a call today at (919) 469-8114.

Dr. KrakowskiDr. Bailey | Dr. Craddock 

Cary Veterinarians | Chatham Animal Hospital | (919) 469-8114

105 Oceana Pl
Cary, NC 27513

Meet the Doctors

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    David Krakowski

    Dr.  Krakowski graduated Magna cum Laude and in honors from Muskingum University in 1974 and was accepted into the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University that same year.   While attending Muskingum and Ohio State he worked in a mixed animal practice weekends and summers gaining experience with a large variety of domestic and farm animals. 

    Upon graduation from Ohio State in 1978 he was accepted at the largest private practice in North Carolina (Needham Animal Hospital in Wilmington N.C.) to continue training in medicine and surgery under a variety of specialists from one of the only nineteen veterinary schools in the country at the time.  Rotating through the practice on a monthly basis were specialists from Ohio State (Ophthalmology), Auburn (Radiology), Florida (Dermatology), Surgery (Ohio State and The Animal Medical Center of New York City) and Indiana (Neurology).  In addition he was mentored by Dr. Thomas Needham who was the medical and surgical director of the practice as well as the first veterinarian to become proficient in advanced orthopedic and neurological surgical procedures in North Carolina.  At the time of his departure from this position in 1983 he was responsible for the bulk of the referral and in house surgical load including the large number of fractures presented prior to the institution of leash laws, cervical and thoracolumbar disc disease and all forms of soft tissue surgeries.    

    Dr. Krakowski has lived in Cary since 1983 and has two children as well as two dogs (Ollie and YoYo).  Although a long time multiple cat owner, currently he has replaced personal ownership with our Little Angels Kitten Adoption program for the time being.  He is a charter member of the Cary Kildaire Rotary Club and a past president of The North Carolina Small Animal Academy of Veterinary Medicine.   

  • Dr.
    Matthew Bailey

    Dr. Bailey was born and raised in central Illinois. He received his B.S. in Biology from the University of Illinois in 2005. During his undergraduate training, he spent his summers in North Carolina and fell in love with the south. He was accepted by North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine, and graduated in 2009. While at North Carolina State he was honored with the Novartis Proficiency in Small Animal Medicine Award, the Veterinary Student Surgeon award, and was valedictorian of his class!

    Following graduation, Dr. Bailey pursued advanced training in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary hospital. After a year away from North Carolina he was eager to return and joined the Chatham and West Cary Animal Hospital teams!

    His veterinary interests include complex medical cases, canine and feline dentistry, and surgery. He lives in Cary with his wife and cats Smokey and MooCow. Dr. Bailey’s other interests include mountain biking, running, playing volleyball, and camping.

  • Dr.
    Morgan Craddock

    Dr. Craddock (formerly Dr. Curtis) grew up in the foothills of North Carolina and attended North Carolina State University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Biological Sciences.  She was given the opportunity to attend Colorado State University for veterinary school, where she graduated in 2013. During her time at Colorado State, she was the teaching assistant for the Exotic Animal Anatomy and Husbandry course. She also is the proud recipient of the Relationship Centered Care Award, presented by the Argus Institute.

    Dr. Craddock is very passionate about the strength of the human-animal bond, and her primary veterinary interest is internal medicine. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her husband, her dog Finley and ball python (Dumbledore). She also enjoys Crossfit, hiking, and cooking.


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